What's it like to drive a $700,000 armoured car?

  • Publicado el 31 jul 2015
  • CBC's Marivel Taruc takes the luxury Conquest Knight XV for a spin
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Comentarios • 3 864

  • Ted Kitto
    Ted Kitto Hace 6 años +189

    700k and it can only stop an AK? You can literally buy a perfectly good tank for that price

    • Among Us
      Among Us Hace un mes

      @Ted Kitto it’s small ones but a tank is a tank

    • Vitaliy Pro
      Vitaliy Pro Hace 3 meses

      Or better else buy Paramount Marauder for 485K, real military vehicle that can handle land mines

    • leet
      leet Hace 6 meses

      MY EXACT THOUGHT, like lmao I'd be better of just buying a steel box and putting it on a skateboard.

    • Yah Weh
      Yah Weh Hace 7 meses

      5.56 green tip which cost less than $1 will penetrate the $700k ride. That car is pretty much worthless.

    • David Analyst
      David Analyst Hace 9 meses +1

      but tanks arent street legal and they can't go 70mph lolz

  • Camden Holt
    Camden Holt Hace 3 años +642

    Imagine your fingers getting smashed in that door

  • 2007Club
    2007Club Hace 3 años +5

    I always dreamed in my teens to have something like this. Now I am an adult and still want it but too bad I cannot have it lol

  • Exposing Proxy Stalking Organized Harassment

    Yes, I would buy one of these tank vehicles if I was rich. It makes an entrance and all eyes would be looking at you as you arrive anywhere. It makes a bold statement.

  • Norbert Kaskó
    Norbert Kaskó Hace 4 años +1

    It looks agressive I love it!

  • glopkilo milomj
    glopkilo milomj Hace 6 años +31

    But are the tyres bullet proof ?

    • 7come11two
      7come11two Hace 5 años

      Doesn't matter. If you want to shoot out tires with a rifle, even a moderately powered one like the 7.62x39 round used in the AK-47, you don't want to aim at the tires. Aim at the rim. The rifle will shoot right through it and deflate the tire faster than if you shoot the rubber.

    • Orlando Perez
      Orlando Perez Hace 6 años

      Ichigo Kurosaki now in days you can't trust people. they be having rpg an c4.

    • Ichigo Kurosaki
      Ichigo Kurosaki Hace 6 años +3

      Donald Trump Smells Like Vaseline
      "can survive through ak47 bullet"s

    • Orlando Perez
      Orlando Perez Hace 6 años

      let's try shooting an rpg on that shit lol

    • A Garcia
      A Garcia Hace 6 años

      but a 120mm she'll would do nothing?

  • Real News That Matters
    Real News That Matters Hace 4 años +139

    320 horsepower is ridiculous, especially for a 13,000 pound vehicle. That's the weight of most tractor trailers without the trailer attached, and the minimum horsepower for most tractors is 425, they range from 425 to 600 stock. So save yourself about $400,000 and just buy you a Kenworth and have it armor plated. $200,000 for a custom Kenworth with 600 horsepower, and about $100,000 having it armored plated.

    • Yah Weh
      Yah Weh Hace 7 meses

      Honda Civic got more horsepower than this six figure ride.

    • Y K D
      Y K D Hace un año

      Weight of tractor trailers is not measured in horsepower

    • SeikiBrian
      SeikiBrian Hace un año

      @Puppy Dog Parent - Recommendations and More "you can have the conquest equipped with smoke and tear gas emission tubes to nonchalantly clear a path."
      The Audi Security (and the Mercedes Guard, Jaguar Sentry, etc.) is/are available with various levels of "countermeasures," depending on the laws of the country into which it will be imported.

    • Puppy Dog Parent - Recommendations and More
      Puppy Dog Parent - Recommendations and More Hace un año

      @SeikiBrian Agreed. The style and sophistication of the Audi is top notch. Maybe go with the Audi for daily cruising, work and back, date night etc. Then have the conquest at the ready when you need to drive into mob-infested protest areas for a gallon of milk. The audi can be flipped over by a few "peaceful" protestors...the Conquest, not so much. Plus, you can have the conquest equipped with smoke and tear gas emission tubes to nonchalantly clear a path.

    • regular dude
      regular dude Hace un año

      ehemm...... i think you mean torque

  • Nick S
    Nick S Hace 4 años

    I saw one of these at my valet job in Huntington Beach, California it was pretty nuts! had no idea what it was at first but i did notice it kind of looked like a ford!

  • Nice Try
    Nice Try Hace 3 años +1

    If I manage to be a very wealthy person ( a million a year which likely wont happen) when I'm older, I'd buy that car for sure..

  • Shibom sen
    Shibom sen Hace 2 años +1

    its big amd safe i would wish to have one

  • killustrated
    killustrated Hace 6 años +700

    13,000 lbs.... 330 horsepower... its slower than a prius

    • Eetu Laitinen
      Eetu Laitinen Hace 5 años

      It's got torque

    • Americanball _
      Americanball _ Hace 5 años

      SonOfGod 492 ft lbs

    • Kaisuhina
      Kaisuhina Hace 5 años

      that may still have like 1000lbs of torque

    • Jordan McGinnis
      Jordan McGinnis Hace 5 años +3

      it is a diesel engine... has enough torque to make it go, horsepower isn't everything, really its just a product of torque, like a lot of diesel engines they dont have a whole lot of horsepower but have the torque to move the weight, also the torque numbers in this video is wrong, it has 660ft lbs torque.

    • dakiito
      dakiito Hace 5 años +3

      well, its armored for a reason, people are just worried about their lives ans shiet

  • Cougar Land
    Cougar Land Hace 4 años

    Had to look at the full story to find that the tires can get shot and still go for 80 miles. I'm assuming that's only 1 shot and under optimal road surface.

  • Teevee
    Teevee Hace un año

    god.. i’d love to own that :o

  • Flynn S.
    Flynn S. Hace 4 años +894

    It takes 7 missles in gta v

  • ReFreshPlayz
    ReFreshPlayz Hace 3 años

    Can this thing protect you from a A-10 Warthog? If it can this thing is a BEAST

  • Retz
    Retz Hace 6 años +631

    I mean if you're spending $700,000 on a car, you'd expect it to have a bit more then 320 horsepower... I mean come on, I'd expect at least 600, maybe 500 at the very least.

    • mark callaghan
      mark callaghan Hace 4 meses

      320 hp seems puny when you consider the weight you would expect 500hp +++

    • Jokes on you
      Jokes on you Hace 6 meses

      A marauder is a way better armored vehicle however and it can stop a rpg and has better performance.

    • Jokes on you
      Jokes on you Hace 6 meses

      Armored vehicles aren't about horse power. Torque is way more important.

    • Y38T3R
      Y38T3R Hace 6 meses

      it's not about speed. It's about it's ability to carry weight. Lorry's don't have much HP (480 BHP) But can carry up to 45 Tonnes of weight

    • macki packi
      macki packi Hace 8 meses

      @Wilton W well considering the civilian version of a hummer isn’t armoured then yeah.

  • daniel
    daniel Hace un año +6

    It must have horrible fuel economy, even with it being biodiesel powered.

  • co
    co Hace 4 años

    I’ve seen one in real life it is insane guys

  • Celtic ZLegendZ
    Celtic ZLegendZ Hace 3 años +2

    Imagine if they forgot to lock the doors 🤣🤣

  • Maurice Simon Scrubbs
    Maurice Simon Scrubbs Hace 2 años +1

    762 goes through both sides of cars this caliber isn't just specifically for the ak 47
    I hate when non gun people talk about guns
    You can get 762 in any type of platform you want

  • Daniel Bustos
    Daniel Bustos Hace 6 años +286

    326hp, 0-60 time of 12 years

    • loligagger85
      loligagger85 Hace 5 años

      not so much for 13,000 lb bro

    • LegendaryH1tman
      LegendaryH1tman Hace 5 años

      It's all about the torque not the horse power. This thing is a beast.

    • 808Gunz
      808Gunz Hace 5 años

      this uses the 6.8L V10 gas engine, not the PowerStroke

    • R B
      R B Hace 6 años

      Daniel Bustos yeah that engine sucks need to up them Amps you could run faster get away with that weight.

    • David
      David Hace 6 años

      @Jeffrey van Esch true!

  • Jacob Sonder
    Jacob Sonder Hace 4 años

    10,000 lbs and only 400 ft lbs of torque? Should be around 1,000 to get that beast around.

  • Llama :D
    Llama :D Hace 2 años +1

    So could a loaded semi truck run this thing off the road as they weigh almost 8× more?

  • Joshua Gore
    Joshua Gore Hace 4 años

    since there's a divider, can the front seats still recline?

  • Art Deco city Architecture

    The Lincoln 1975 has a thicker door than that and an extra seat worth of space. They go for large, and then still make the inside tiny.

  • Anthony Tagum
    Anthony Tagum Hace 4 años

    Great reporting Marivel Taruc!!!!

  • mauro izquierdo
    mauro izquierdo Hace un mes

    With 336 hp it really slow pushing 16k lbs. Needs 550 hp at the least

  • Julian Losekoot
    Julian Losekoot Hace 5 años

    My family owns a g63 STANDARD and costs half to that car and yet has more than double the horsepower than this armored vehicle

  • WuzNab
    WuzNab Hace 3 años +43

    To bad it can’t drive 10 feet without a fill up.

  • Mrboss Saidso
    Mrboss Saidso Hace 5 años +207

    When you step out of it , you'll get sniped lol worth it

    • Caloy P
      Caloy P Hace 2 años +1


    • Fear Kratos
      Fear Kratos Hace 4 años +1

      Mrboss Saidso
      Aaahahahahahahah tru 😭😭🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    • Martin Rickarx
      Martin Rickarx Hace 4 años +2

      Mrboss Saidso hope all the aholes get killed in her and out

  • Iraq China Washington
    Iraq China Washington Hace un año

    I love 💘 my 2003 Hyundai Accent.
    It takes me to work and get me back from work

  • point2view
    point2view Hace un año

    That powerplant is really weak having to move 13,000 lbs. A nice triple turbo 7.1 L Duramax will fix that.

  • nameis2
    nameis2 Hace 4 años

    I want 1, with all the crazies here in the US I really need 1

  • Brandon F
    Brandon F Hace 6 años +2037

    What I'd drive during a purge

    • potatopotatoe
      potatopotatoe Hace un año

      @Grzegorz Durda okay but now I wanna be on your side if the purge happens👀

    • Jose Aviles
      Jose Aviles Hace un año

      If you can afford it

    • Yvng Lynx
      Yvng Lynx Hace un año +1

      It will come in handy now during this year :0

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      Charlotte Bingham Hace 2 años

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    • Average Alien
      Average Alien Hace 2 años

      nah the maurauder is better

  • a 6
    a 6 Hace un año

    If I had that kind of money, hell yes I would buy one.

  • ThisIsMyUsername
    ThisIsMyUsername Hace un año

    If i had the money to buy that id get them to build a 650hp version

  • Sovereign Citizen LEO
    Sovereign Citizen LEO Hace 4 años

    You would also expect it to be able to stop at least .308 caliber rounds for that price.

  • Yuki Togawa
    Yuki Togawa Hace 3 meses

    Bulletproof, bomb proof, kidnap proof, crash crunch proof, auto wheel stability unit installed (flip proof), face recognition software connected cemeras 360 degrees, puncture proof tires etc.
    If you did it with a private car builder, may cost you over $1.2 million.
    Your child or wife's rasom can be very big. Wonderful product. I'll check it soon.

  • A M
    A M Hace 3 años +3

    “It’s the thickest door on a vehicle we ALL have ever seen” LMFAOOO

  • Lusila Mareko
    Lusila Mareko Hace 3 años

    Keep it there!

  • Miles C. Anthony
    Miles C. Anthony Hace 4 años

    Deadpool, the Wonder Bra and now another reason Canada has to be proud. 👍

  • Robert Gutierrez
    Robert Gutierrez Hace 6 meses

    Nice love it

  • Jevill 407
    Jevill 407 Hace 5 años +650

    0-60 in 4 min. Well... at least who ever is shooting at you would run out of amo before you get to leave.

    • Aktavis Official
      Aktavis Official Hace un año

      @FREEDOM.IS.ESSENTIAL I don’t remember why I made that comment

      FREEDOM.IS.ESSENTIAL Hace un año +2

      @Aktavis Official its america. My grandma has 6 aks

    • mikatteba225
      mikatteba225 Hace un año

      Rather hit the assailliant's car with this vehicle, and run through it, don't care if the paint scratch a lil bit

    • Tuna Burnak
      Tuna Burnak Hace 2 años

      Lol they'd just hop on the truck when they see it xD

    • Charlotte Bingham
      Charlotte Bingham Hace 2 años

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  • gorbulas
    gorbulas Hace 4 años +1

    what a monstrosity ! ghastly ! looking beast

  • Batman's Butler
    Batman's Butler Hace 3 años

    Since it's a Canadian company I could probably get one of these cars for free just by asking.

  • sexy monkey
    sexy monkey Hace 3 años

    I like the looks but in that case ill get a g550 blow lift and wide body

  • Drago Musevini
    Drago Musevini Hace 4 años

    Only 326 hp,this thing needs 2x that to move decently.

  • ʀᴀʀᴇ
    ʀᴀʀᴇ Hace 4 años

    im going to get myself a bugatti and this awesome luxury suv

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name Hace 3 años

    I was sad when I saw the title again,
    I thought it said $70,000 but when I looked again it was $700,000

  • M17
    M17 Hace un año

    0:49 that's not an AK-47 ammo! And the hp and torque are barely enough to keep this metal mammoth going. Good thing it's armored because it's gonna stay in sight for a long time.

  • Tay win
    Tay win Hace 3 años +6

    "Packs" 326 HP ??? LMAO was expected it to have at least 1000 HP

  • Scott Witkowski
    Scott Witkowski Hace 6 años +13

    It's underpowered.

  • __spencer__
    __spencer__ Hace 4 años

    it would be pretty badass to drive one of these because you'd be like a secret agent because everyone knows your important but nobody know who you are.

  • Bart Simpson
    Bart Simpson Hace 3 años

    That's a beast

    RANDOM Hace 4 años +1

    I need this in Mexico.

  • Alexaoo
    Alexaoo Hace 4 años

    320hp???? For a 5 ton truck??!!! At least boost it up 600hp

  • Hannan Qaisar
    Hannan Qaisar Hace 5 años +520

    When GTA insurgents come into real life cars

    • ajaxcuul
      ajaxcuul Hace 11 meses

      it’s based of off the Ghurka lapv dumbass

    • Aaron Larsen
      Aaron Larsen Hace un año

      It's the Nightshark

    • Forzan
      Forzan Hace un año

      Insurgent = Terradyne Gurkha

    • Bloq
      Bloq Hace un año

      The GTA insurgent is inspired by the Gurka it's also made by the same company and used by the Canadian armed forces the Gurka is more industrialized and has a turret.

    • Charlotte Bingham
      Charlotte Bingham Hace 2 años

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  • CypherBeatz
    CypherBeatz Hace 2 años

    Imagine seating in insurgent car in real life while driving insurgent in gta v 😭

  • Nani H.
    Nani H. Hace 4 años

    I really want one😀

  • Young Skinnny
    Young Skinnny Hace un año

    326 horsepower in a 13000 lb vehicle you could run faster than that that’s barely more horsepower than my 4300 lb suv

  • Random Guy on YT
    Random Guy on YT Hace 5 años

    300 horsepower? I could probably stuff AR500 armor to the door panels, trunk, etc. into a Dodge Hellcat (Challenger or Charger your pick. I choose Challenger) that has 707 horsepower, and be bullet proof. And install bullet proof glass. This would probably be cheaper than that Hummer on steroids.

  • UnleashTheBlob
    UnleashTheBlob Hace 6 años +154

    700K and can't even stop a .308. Yeah no thanks.

    • ur_Cowboy
      ur_Cowboy Hace 5 años

      i agree, only saying it could stop 7.62x39 makes it sound like it cant stop anything else,(even though it may) making the vehicle in all sound weak af

    • Las Vegas Realness
      Las Vegas Realness Hace 5 años

      UnleashTheBlob agree! Only a AK47? Unless they are not saying what else it can stop. That's weak sauce

    • UnleashTheBlob
      UnleashTheBlob Hace 6 años +1

      Whatever dude semantics

    • Huken
      Huken Hace 6 años +1

      @UnleashTheBlob they said it could stop a 7.63x39 they did not say that was the max it could stop.

    • UnleashTheBlob
      UnleashTheBlob Hace 6 años

      @papabeanguy Because they said up to 7.62x39 maybe

  • Tamy Young
    Tamy Young Hace 3 años

    i want one 😉

    GEMIZU Hace 2 años

    Do you need a light truck licence to drive something this heavy?

    KING JULIEN Hace 3 años +1

    I want Doug to give this a Doug score

  • AHF
    AHF Hace 3 años

    I always wanted to drive a car that gets 0 mpg.

  • D. M. Cook
    D. M. Cook Hace 6 años +18

    Only 326 horsepower? They should add another 100 horse minimum for passenger and other load capacity in case of a nationwide catastrophe!

    • Ando Rexurix
      Ando Rexurix Hace 6 años +9

      Torque my man. Torque is the answer.

  • Sarah cahoot
    Sarah cahoot Hace un año +1

    I want one.

  • Bunthan Sephieroth Kong

    I want lots of seats and trunk space I’ll pass on this

  • Teodora Dinkova
    Teodora Dinkova Hace 2 años

    In addition to this attribute , oil well is a must

  • Anthony Perella
    Anthony Perella Hace 4 años

    326 hp doesn't seem all that for a 13000 pound tank of an suv

  • Rhod
    Rhod Hace 6 años +23

    theres the marauder they showed in top gear
    its much bigger and heavily armored than this one

    • Lowkey.L
      Lowkey.L Hace 5 años

      Fux- ur right

    • Rhod
      Rhod Hace 6 años

      hello :D

    • ММ
      ММ Hace 6 años +7

      if you drive the Marauder, you don't need roads, you make your own roads..

    • Bruce Hanshaw
      Bruce Hanshaw Hace 6 años

      i saw that shit it was so fucking dope fucking had a C4 blow up under it nothin

    • darklordchris
      darklordchris Hace 6 años +1

      Very true, but the Marauder is much wider and barely fits in a lane and is made to carry like 10 people inside. This on the other hand gives you more roads and places to fit in, and it's easier to air transport if need be....Rich Royalties flying their cars around.

  • r3dhawk3
    r3dhawk3 Hace 4 años

    700k and only resistant up to 7.62?

  • Cy
    Cy Hace 3 años

    I already could buy a rolls royce and a couple of Range rovers😂

  • Spiritual Warrior 💪🏽
    Spiritual Warrior 💪🏽 Hace un año +12

    The vehicle is armored, but the sun roofs aren’t!! So if a device tossed through the sunroof!! What good is a $700K armored vehicle?

    • Puppy Dog Parent - Recommendations and More
      Puppy Dog Parent - Recommendations and More Hace un año +3

      The sunroof is armored. They are fully armored ballistic transparencies. Unless you mean an open sunroof doesn't offer protection, then yeah. If there is grenade presence, hopefully the driver or the passenger remembers to close it.

  • Bag of Sunshine
    Bag of Sunshine Hace 4 años

    "it can withstand a bullet from an AK-47" but... that really isn't a very big gun.

  • Nicholaiexe
    Nicholaiexe Hace 6 años +50

    326 hp? I want 900+ hp xD

    • Nicholaiexe
      Nicholaiexe Hace 6 años

      @Mark marc'avius Holy shit fire

    • Mark W.
      Mark W. Hace 6 años

      Creative Contagion
      Your butt plug has 14 hp.

    • Jonaaas
      Jonaaas Hace 6 años +1


    • Stewart Murdock
      Stewart Murdock Hace 6 años +3

      for a car that big it's should have at least 450hp

    • Jonaaas
      Jonaaas Hace 6 años


  • Joshua Gore
    Joshua Gore Hace 4 años

    aw man! bulletproof cars are illegal here in Trinidad. (I live in Trinidad)

  • JLT Music Productions
    JLT Music Productions Hace 5 años

    Is it legal to have those red and blue lights on the car ?

  • The Jedi
    The Jedi Hace 4 años

    vai ser sucesso de venda no Rio de Janeiro

  • Microsoft Cortana
    Microsoft Cortana Hace 3 años +1

    I'd rather use a custom range rover that is bulletproof and bombproof instead of this junk and the range rover only costs £400,000 (£ is bigger than $) which is probably double the price but is good for offroading

  • Amanda Murray
    Amanda Murray Hace un año

    i'd like to know what it's like to drive a $7,000 car :(

  • Tom D
    Tom D Hace 2 años

    That's ridiculously underpowered

  • Eazy Peezy
    Eazy Peezy Hace 4 años

    Possibly one of the only good things that came out of Canada

  • Chownzi
    Chownzi Hace 2 años

    If she were to get in a fender bender it would only damage the other car lmao

  • Paul Wilk
    Paul Wilk Hace 3 años

    We have arrived at a point where there are places in this world where people have so much money they can buy this thing and feel they need it to protect themselves from those who have nothing. I would say the system is broken. Pretty disgusting to see the CBC send a reporter to fawn over these people. A sign of a society in total breakdown.

  • Model RC
    Model RC Hace 4 años

    When your mirrors takeout the other persons car instead of breaking it

    JANICE KERR Hace un año


  • The Unknown Gamer
    The Unknown Gamer Hace un año

    Imma buy one kf these if I won the lottery. Then I'm gonna put a 1000hp 7.3 in it

    TECHNOLOGY WE KNOW Hace 6 años +4

    I would buy 3 if I have the money

  • Pearl of Christ january 3 2018

    i want to buy one of that if i already forsale my pearl for a big deal on it...

  • Arthur
    Arthur Hace 3 años

    Meanwhile, I could live for the rest of my life on the money that some jackass is gonna dump on it, but I'm stuck working a minimum wage job while they go on joy rides.

  • Pokey Journey's
    Pokey Journey's Hace un año

    You go girl girls can have those rights also you know if we could afford it

  • dougjstl1
    dougjstl1 Hace un año

    I guess the Hummer is supposed to be a lightweight fast vehicle it is a very intriguing design though you know just like the Willies World War 1 in the Willies they still got that the Willys Jeep

  • Wet Rat
    Wet Rat Hace 7 años +6

    Tiny engine for such a heavy machine

  • Tee Roller
    Tee Roller Hace 4 años

    $700,000.00!? maaan...you can get a used 92 Ford escort for like $900.00!

  • AnAmericanMan
    AnAmericanMan Hace 3 años

    Much better to buy your own SUV and then contract to have it armored. 326hp for 13,000lbs? No thanks. Buy a Porsche Cayenne Turbo with 575hp and then have it outfitted. Even the Range Rover Sentinel is wildly underpowered, requiring 10 seconds to reach 60mph, and to is in the 350hp range. That Sentinel coming out of LR SVO ought to be a minimum of 500hp. Ask ANYONE in security and they'll tell you the safest move is always to evade. This SUV probably needs 15-18 seconds to reach 60mph, a detail deliberately left out.

  • Jha3x Talyst
    Jha3x Talyst Hace un año

    Its my dreams cars hahaha!

  • McPuffs
    McPuffs Hace 3 años +21

    are the tires bulletproof?

    • T- Dub
      T- Dub Hace un año

      @F M - police ? , You mean climate coaches ?

    • F M
      F M Hace un año

      No but you still can wait inside till police get there😅

    • Caloy P
      Caloy P Hace 2 años

      ver ygood wuestion. they didnt say if it can withstand a road bomb underneath its floor. and how much pressure it can take.

    • Thisbishawesome
      Thisbishawesome Hace 2 años +1

      It's standard to have run flat tires in bulletproof models, so I'd assume that's what they have

    • Jgoldie318
      Jgoldie318 Hace 3 años +15

      Nah you have to go to losantos customs.

  • Nruss
    Nruss Hace 6 años +13

    326 horsepower!! that's it!?! smh

    • Southern Livin’ Outfitters
      Southern Livin’ Outfitters Hace 5 años +2

      Nicholas Russell it gives you enough time to beat the GTA v story mode on the PlayStation 😂😂😂😂

    • Lethal Snipz
      Lethal Snipz Hace 6 años

      it only has 40hp more and 100ft pounds of torque more than my car but ways 10,000lbs more it doesn't have to be a race car but honesty it's lack of power is just disgraceful

    • Nruss
      Nruss Hace 6 años +4

      doesn't have to be a race car you fuckin idiot, for a car that size it needs a bigger engine. you just made yourself look stupid, simple case knowledge

    • Christian Corona
      Christian Corona Hace 6 años +4

      So im not the only one who feels insulted by this , so under powered for such heavy vehicle.

    • AntiLag BoostAddiction
      AntiLag BoostAddiction Hace 6 años +1

      I thought the same thing , I figured it was goin to have crazzy torque to make up for shitty HP guess not. That thing isn't getting out of any situation in a hurry, hopefully the bad guys run out of ammo lmao.