Boy gives hockey stick to cancer-fighting Winnipeg girl at Jets game

  • Publicado el 3 mar 2015
  • Nine-year-old Keaton Hamin selflessly gave a hockey stick he'd just won at a Jets game to Alyx Delaloye, a young girl fighting leukemia.
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Comentarios • 134

  • Rangers Metal Atheist
    Rangers Metal Atheist Hace 7 años +17

    To the boy that give the little girl the stick: Nothing but respect for you wee man. The worlds needs more people like you in it. Simple acts of kindness like what you did make this world a better place and put smiles on the faces of others and signs of hope. The little girl: From myself and the people of Scotland stay strong and keep on fighting Alex. I am happy you also made a great new friend that day. :)

  • Lennie72
    Lennie72 Hace 6 años +46

    Hats off to this boys parents. Keep doing what you are doing with raising your son.

    • O
      O Hace 3 años

      He's my friends friend

  • shawneboy
    shawneboy Hace 7 años +7

    She has to survive now. These two are meant to be forever.

  • LExNatural
    LExNatural Hace 7 años +59

    What a good kid. I wish more kids were like this instead of selfish brats.

    • LExNatural
      LExNatural Hace 7 años +1

      @***** I'm talking about all the punk kids I see in high school and that are older than this kid is.

  • Johnny Peralta
    Johnny Peralta Hace 7 años +41


  • Footde Coulde
    Footde Coulde Hace 6 años +18

    now just need the rest of the world to act like this 8 year old and may be a better place for all

    • Pat Stevens
      Pat Stevens Hace 4 años +1

      Footde Coulde I'm with you on that. This short video is like opening all the windows and doors and letting the fresh air in. I had a tear in my eye and I think I know why, because ever Canadian has done something like this, helping each other. Hockey players you have class

  • Tristan Edwards
    Tristan Edwards Hace 7 años +102

    Canada is fucking awesome.

  • Rangers # 30 The king
    Rangers # 30 The king Hace 5 años +7

    This is what a true hockey fan would do

  • Borislav Mitev
    Borislav Mitev Hace 7 años +16

    What goes around comes around.

    KOSMAS GVL Hace 7 años +26

    Respect little guy from greece

  • Celtic Echo
    Celtic Echo Hace 3 años +1

    That boy is beyond amazing!! Good job parents!!

  • Aspartaami
    Aspartaami Hace 7 años +1

    And this is why I love hockey, I love Jets, and I love everything around all this. What a thing from this kiddo #manlytears

  • OxyGeass
    OxyGeass Hace 7 años +9

    I love it when people give credit where credit's due. Too often I see people say things like "well that's what people should do, it's natural" or "why praise someone for doing the right thing, that's what they should do", etc...
    The fact is, social behaviours are set and affirmed in society by the reactions of others and what is received in return. Whether it's verbal, physical, material or otherwise, praising someone for doing the right thing should always be "a thing". Far too often the opposite is true, people do something heinous or crude or otherwise, logically, civilly unacceptable, and what happens? society lathers them with attention for it, some even praise them or make light of negative actions.
    My point? perfect reaction to something good done, especially by a young person. It just solidifies his already heart of gold, lessening the risk of him becoming jaded due to the (likely inevitable) thankless acts of kindness in the future.

  • Scott Thomson
    Scott Thomson Hace 7 años

    Brilliant! good for you young man. And i wish the brave wee girl all the best in her recovery.

  • Oksana Prusova
    Oksana Prusova Hace 3 años +1

    his parents have done a good job raising such a kind boy!

  • Born Yesterday
    Born Yesterday Hace 5 años

    What a good kid! Its good to hear stories like this. Life happens

  • Jcey
    Jcey Hace 7 años +6

    Good on the parents too, for raising a proper child; to give selflessly.

  • Kelly Stout
    Kelly Stout Hace 7 años +10

    That's one way to make a BFF for life. That kid is awesome.

  • Robbie Ashton
    Robbie Ashton Hace 7 años

    It almost brings me to tears when I see someone do this...
    Especially a NINE year old... 100% respect to that kid.
    but just the cancer part... keep on fighting.
    cancer isn't a disease it's a scab that turns to a scar
    You have it really bad but eventually it peels right off

  • incog_nico
    incog_nico Hace 7 años +8

    aaaand im crying. proud to be canadian.

  • Millie Turner
    Millie Turner Hace 7 años


  • James Tizzle
    James Tizzle Hace 7 años +3

    What an awesome kid!
    The generation before this kid need to take a page out of his book instead of being the embarrassing, disgusting in-humane pillocks/fuck-ups they are being at the minute.

  • Lennie72
    Lennie72 Hace 7 años +1

    The is a little boy raised right, well done to the boys parents, must make you proud.

  • judy kannapel
    judy kannapel Hace 7 años

    What a wonderful young man. His parents should be very proud of him.

  • ItsCaduceus
    ItsCaduceus Hace 4 años

    You can see how much receiving a stick means to the boy... so that makes his act to kindness, of giving away the stick, even that much more genuine!!

  • MsBlackBerri
    MsBlackBerri Hace 6 años

    Baby has a good heart. I hope he keeps it as he grows within this world

  • Joey Parayko
    Joey Parayko Hace 6 años

    that hug is so amazing. I bet they will be great friends now. :-)

  • ransom182
    ransom182 Hace 7 años

    Brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it? We need more kids like Keaton in this world. What a stand up guy.

  • Ashley Hansen
    Ashley Hansen Hace 6 años

    his parents should be proud. :) what a kind gesture :)

  • Jp Malette
    Jp Malette Hace 7 años

    Fantastic young man. He is thinking outside the box, He is well brought up. Millions of KUDOS to you Keaton.

  • LV Teach Me
    LV Teach Me Hace 6 años +2

    A wonderful story! Just great.

  • Roger Dixon
    Roger Dixon Hace 7 años

    I bet their parents are proud! And hats off to that boy! Hope the little girl gets well soon. XxX

  • MALO_ 213
    MALO_ 213 Hace 5 años

    That's so sweet!!!!

  • George Saunders
    George Saunders Hace 7 años +1

    What a legend... What got me was his genuine surprise and happiness to get another hockey stick. Just proves that if you show generosity and kindness to anyone, without judgement or skepticism, you will be on the end of the same treatment in the future. Really heart warming story, what a lad.

  • Vertoxis Hammersmash
    Vertoxis Hammersmash Hace 7 años

    Wow what a kid, thats awesome
    He didn't even expect ANYTHING to come of it either, even when giving her the stick... he just did it.. no look to see if someones watching... just went right up and did one amazing act

  • 123
    123 Hace 2 años

    Exactly! The power of positive parenting!!

  • jarmoek1
    jarmoek1 Hace 7 años +1

    I've never been to Canada, but the feeling I get is that all Canadians seem to be very humble and nice.
    If I had to move from Sweden Canada would be the country I think I would enjoy the most living in.

  • Mag and Tag
    Mag and Tag Hace 7 años

    Such a kind gesture.. :)

  • Savroop Toor
    Savroop Toor Hace 6 años

    The good ol' hockey game. God I love this country.

  • jprincered
    jprincered Hace 7 años

    A beautiful story of kindness.

  • Jillian Patterson
    Jillian Patterson Hace 5 años

    omg go this boy is SOOO kind!

  • Boondock
    Boondock Hace 7 años +29

    Parenting win

  • Jens95
    Jens95 Hace 5 años +1

    He just made her day. Way to go little buddy. Not many kids would think to do that.

  • Matt Bond
    Matt Bond Hace 3 años +1

    World needs more of him.

  • FunteX
    FunteX Hace 7 años +3

    Heartwarming . . .

  • soulfull M.
    soulfull M. Hace 7 años +1

    for some it's education, for some it's natural.
    let's just hope this kid won't change .

  • The nicest person In the universe

    And kids this is how I met your mother.
    But in all seriousness that was so sweet of him. He was raised right

  • yes100Yessireebob
    yes100Yessireebob Hace 6 años +5

    Wow, if only we adults could be as selfless and grown as this young boy, and as brave and loving as the girl.

    • yes100Yessireebob
      yes100Yessireebob Hace 5 años +1

      What are you talking about?.......Race has nothing to with this...are you dense?.......the only people who bring race up, are usually idiots, that blame discrimination on their lack of skill/talent, lack of personality, and an unending sense of entitlement......get over yourself, I've never had hatred for anyone, because I'm too busy living, and loving in my life, buy mostly because I'm not a whining, spoiled, LOSER.....guess we know WHAT you are..
      ........ :o

    • MrCupse
      MrCupse Hace 5 años

      @VisionThing neither do they say how sorry and sad they are after they see brainwashed white ppl hating on their own race and giving others things that belong to white only while others shit on them ..... hmmmm let me guess u are one of them :O

    • VisionThing
      VisionThing Hace 5 años

      MrCupse They don't say Asians are racist for nothing...

    • MrCupse
      MrCupse Hace 6 años

      if only BLACKS were more like this , america would have been a better place

  • Joe Langley
    Joe Langley Hace 7 años

    I wish there were more boys like him.

  • Arielle Binette
    Arielle Binette Hace 7 años

    Beautiful. A well raised boy. People like this are a dying breed.

  • Ryan Foote
    Ryan Foote Hace 6 años

    Give this kid a friggin medal.

  • Li Yong Chen
    Li Yong Chen Hace 7 años

    This is very good. I just have one question: how is this get caught on camera? I don't question the legitimate and sincerity of this boy's action. I just curious how this hockey stick giving action get caught on the first place.

  • irishnewblood
    irishnewblood Hace 6 años

    Top marks to this little guy and his parents, fantastic gesture and fantastic parenting.

  • Crazy Oldfart
    Crazy Oldfart Hace 6 años +1

    LOL....not a mind reader.......but at the end I thought, buy the look on his face, he was going to hand that one over too. A kind and remarkable young man :) Kindness is Evil's worst nightmare. So let's all just be kind.....

  • deuceforty
    deuceforty Hace 7 años +10

    typical hockey move. best sport, best fans.

  • Manda ZE
    Manda ZE Hace 7 años

    He was raised right! Praise from Texas!

  • c d
    c d Hace 7 años

    AWWWWWWEEE!!!!!! 😻😽💚

  • Gordon Freeman
    Gordon Freeman Hace 7 años

    Good boy!

  • MeliSims
    MeliSims Hace 7 años

    I knew I was going to cry...

  • Mark's Madhouse, Metaphysical Machines, & Mumbles

    An example of Canada kindness...:-)

  • Alfonso Farfán
    Alfonso Farfán Hace 7 años

    congratulations to their parents..

  • Daniel Hjelmberg
    Daniel Hjelmberg Hace 4 años

    If you give something too someone you will surely get something back in return

  • porky6884
    porky6884 Hace 6 años

    Such a great story

  • Alana Kathereenxo
    Alana Kathereenxo Hace 6 años +1

    winnipeg finally known for something good lol im proud for a moment

  • LowkeyCometzz
    LowkeyCometzz Hace 6 años

    So nice!😊

  • Croatian Disease
    Croatian Disease Hace 7 años

    How can someone dislike this?

  • Yass
    Yass Hace 6 años +1

    She is so cute ❤

  • A man has no name
    A man has no name Hace 7 años

    Made my day

  • Matt Roy
    Matt Roy Hace 7 años

    Who in the freaking hell gave thumbs down to this? I mean wtf?

  • Lord MemesPG3D
    Lord MemesPG3D Hace 2 años

    Go Jets💙💙💙

  • Leticia Martinez
    Leticia Martinez Hace 7 años +2

    Can't believe someone disliked this

  • DaisyQT1
    DaisyQT1 Hace 7 años +1

    his mama must be proud

  • Petty013
    Petty013 Hace 6 años

    Good lesson for adults.

  • AkumaEternalRose
    AkumaEternalRose Hace 7 años +1

    Well kids are indeed the future, they should be respected and admired cause they are still generous, kind hearted and innocent.... it is us adults that decide to fuck them up

  • PG Designs
    PG Designs Hace 7 años

    With kids like this the world is in great hands....Good job #WinnipegJets fan!

  • Hans Appelt
    Hans Appelt Hace 4 años

    was für ein großartiger Junge!!

  • doctordooom
    doctordooom Hace 7 años

    how could anybody dislike this? HOW?

  • canis lupus
    canis lupus Hace 4 años +1

    and then you literally have grown adults that snatch baseballs out of kids hands

  • lbeesntdeirx
    lbeesntdeirx Hace 7 años +3

    From the thumbnail I figured he was giving her his hat

  • Tony Bogyo
    Tony Bogyo Hace 11 días

    I know Canadians can be a little sensitive to being stereotyped as nice, but damn it, what are we supposed to think when you have kids like this...

  • JohnsRadios
    JohnsRadios Hace 5 años

    More sense then most groups !

  • Easton29
    Easton29 Hace 6 años

    Nice job

  • Littleoldme Justme
    Littleoldme Justme Hace 7 años

    Parenting done correctly... :) x

  • mcool93
    mcool93 Hace 7 años

    faith in humanity restored

  • Angie P
    Angie P Hace 7 años

    naawww this is cute!

  • DeLaGoya
    DeLaGoya Hace 7 años +1

    Who would dislike this? Lol

  • Carlos Minez
    Carlos Minez Hace 7 años

    she will survive (hopefully) then she'll reject him in the future !

  • nilesh patil
    nilesh patil Hace 7 años +2


  • Sam P
    Sam P Hace 6 años

    I think I have something in my eye...

  • Ronin Editor
    Ronin Editor Hace 7 años +20

    Friggin' onions in here or what?

    • Chris W
      Chris W Hace 6 años

      +Ronin Editor just remember, they key is not forming an emotional bonds to the onions

  • TheDigitalPillars
    TheDigitalPillars Hace 7 años

    Should have given her the other hockey stick too lol

  • Félix Bernard
    Félix Bernard Hace 7 años +1

    So canadian-like. If that would've happened in the US, the little boy would've used the girl with leukemia to get the stick and then he would've steal it from her with no remorse.

  • Phil S
    Phil S Hace 6 años +16

    god damn onions

    • danthecapsfan
      danthecapsfan Hace 6 años +6

      +Marvin Cohen what happens when you cut onions?

    • Marvin Cohen
      Marvin Cohen Hace 6 años +1

      +Bob Marley why onions? it's about a well brought up kid

  • kozylu07
    kozylu07 Hace 4 años

    anyone who disliked this is a monster

  • Superstar Boystrek
    Superstar Boystrek Hace 6 años

    Hey i know that girl who had cancers brother

  • whosnkn
    whosnkn Hace 4 años +1

    Someone cutting onions?

  • Vanilla Gorilla🏒
    Vanilla Gorilla🏒 Hace 4 años

    Right on

  • Cris Pollak
    Cris Pollak Hace 4 años +1

    Kinda puts me to shame.

  • Nathan Erzrumly
    Nathan Erzrumly Hace 7 años


  • chad rowett
    chad rowett Hace 4 años +1

    Who cut the onions